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   Monthly Meeting: All are invited to our meeting on Wednesday,  February 25, 2015, in the Tahoe Room at the Lakeview Club House. The program is: "Journey to the Center of Planets" (the cancelled December 2014 program). Solar system planets and asteroids are diverse. Using Earth as a starting point, we can  compare ourselves to the rest of the solar system.

Earth has an ocean  surface and a unique system of moving tectonic plates responsible for those dreaded earthquakes but also the recycling of carbon which keeps Earth cool. Venus has one big stagnant plate. Mars features large uplifted bulges and volcanic areas. Our moon is geologically dead? Gas giants Jupiter and Saturn have cores under great pressure. Some of their satellites have underground oceans! Learn how oceans and earthquakes have promoted life on Earth.

NOTE: A table-top, 13-lb telescope will be raffled off to a lucky club member. It's fun  to use and the optics are good. THIS IS NOT A TOY! A new one would cost $200.


     Star Party: We will meet on Saturday, February 14, 2015 @ 7:30 p.m. All SCPD residents and guests are invited. We will host telescope viewing of the spectacular winter sky. The Winter Hexagon is up and Jupiter is rising. We will meet at our usual location as noted below - watch your step, it's dark.

Info, 360-7726/772-1073





















       All residents and guests are invited to join us at the Star Party at the usual location on the east green belt, off Donny Circle, just south of Alliance Way. 


Contact: Stu @ 360-7726 or Jim @ 772-1073

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