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MEETING:  The Astronomy Club will meet on Wednesday, April 23, 2014 @ 7:00 pm in the Tahoe Room of the Lakeview Club House. The program is "From Observation to Discovery".

We tend to celebrate discoveries as end products of science. This great strength of science is also its greatest weakness. Science is vulnerable to change. The continuous improvement in our observations has set a breathtaking pace in our view of the universe. We've been given abilities to make discoveries almost beyond our comprehension. To paraphrase a Nobel Laureate, "We've been given gifts we don't always understand or deserve". It appears mankind has been issued a tool box that  continually grows through use; e.g. we are "seeing" things human vision cannot. I find this exciting.


The Club's Chief Observer, Stu  Sitzman, will present the latest night sky picture and current events. 



STAR PARTIES:  All SCPD residents and their guests are invited to these events. This is a special month with two Star Party outings:

(1) Beginning late evening on Monday, April 14, 2014 and stretching into the early hours of Tuesday, April 15th there will be a total lunar eclipse (the first since December 2011) on the same night as Mars'  closest approach to Earth. We'll set up at 11:00 pm on Monday evening at Meridia Drive and Del Webb Boulevard just south of the Lake View Clubhouse;

(2) We'll get another shot at Mars on Saturday, April 26th @ 9:00 pm. The location for this second outing will be at our usual location at the East greenbelt off Donny Circle just  south of Alliance Way.








       All residents and guests are invited to join us at our two  Star Parties in April as noted above. 


Contact: Stu @ 360-7726 or Jim @ 772-1073

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